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Ann K., Chicago, IL

I cannot say enough about Integrative Therapeutic Massage. Mary is a model of professional excellence. Prior to meeting with Mary, I had progressive shoulder pain and difficulty using my right arm to complete everyday tasks. Even opening doors and shifting gears while driving the car became hard. Working with Mary, my shoulder improved tremendously. In addition, I gained awareness of influencing factors. Every session with Mary was productive. She is also the nicest person you will ever meet.

Ryan N., Chicago, IL

After the last Chicago Marathon, I started developing knee pain and intense cramping in my lower leg. Although I was having other bodywork, I could barely make it through the killer pain that kicked in after running just a few miles. Mary quickly identified the spot that was actually referring the pain to my knee, worked through my lower leg tightness, and within a few sessions had me back in full training. I completed my 5th marathon this past fall!

Vida B., Chicago, IL

It has been years of aches, pains and stress from professional dancing and a frozen shoulder that brought me to Mary. Her non-aggressive/non-invasive approach certainly adds to the healing process, making the sessions not only precise body work, but a great ‘time-out'. I can't wait to get there!

Baila M., Chicago, IL

I have had problems with my IT band and hip/leg pain off and on for years. Getting a neuromuscular massage with Mary not only helps reduce my pain, her caring warm attitude always leaves me feeling emotionally better as well. I am happy to recommend her to friends.

Carolyn S., Chicago, IL

I would recommend Mary to anybody seeking relief from pain or discomfort. I first saw Mary to find relief from persistent lower back pain, which I've I had for years. I had been through various treatments without seeing any change. The impact of the pain on my life (professional and personal) was becoming increasingly unbearable. Mary was recommended to me by a friend. At the end of the first session, the thing that impressed me the most about Mary was her candid assessment that there was only so much she could do to help me. She gently advised me to seek additional treatment from other health-care professionals. Since then, my treatment program has included chiropractic work, physical therapy, and regular therapeutic massage with Mary. I know that my course of treatment would not be as successful without her.

Mary is a true professional -- she begins every session by asking specific questions about how I'm feeling, how the other treatments are progressing, and about how various aspects of our last session helped (or didn't). She is patient and listens intently, then targets those areas of discomfort and then asks whether the work she has done has helped. She takes her time, and her techniques make an immediate difference. In her blend of hopeful and realistic, Mary advises to take things as they come and to treat the body as it presents itself. Even when I have been eager to commit to several sessions well in advance, Mary has encouraged me to be flexible, believing that my needs should dictate the timing and length of our sessions.

Although the progress I'm making hasn't been a straight line, in some ways it has been in the frustration of the setbacks that Mary has been the most helpful: she encourages me to take responsibility for the health of my body, while assuring me that she is there to help me in any way she can. Unlike my prior experiences with massage, the work Mary performs makes a difference that I take out of her office and into the rest of my life -- making my life better. As anybody with persistent pain can attest, in the same way that pain impacts every aspect of life, so too does relief from that pain. Mary takes seriously her work, and seems to measure her success by how she has been able to help me feel better. She is, at every turn, a pleasure to deal with and I feel truly lucky to have her on my side.

Kim H., Chicago, IL

I have been Mary's client since 2009 after receiving a gift certificate. I was already seeing a different therapist at the time, but sitting in front of a computer each day creates more than enough tired and tight muscles to share with multiple therapists! However, Mary is now my only therapist and I highly recommend giving her a try!

Mary truly stands in the therapeutic aspect of her practice. She relieves the problem areas, but doesn't ignore the other parts connected to it that may need attention as well. She does not push me to have work that I do not need, but she always reminds me that I have to keep the big picture in mind. I am blessed to participate in ballroom dancing, swimming, and walking, and I have come to understand that I must respect my body so that I can continue doing all of my favorite activities. Finding the time to take care of myself has been a difficult but rewarding lesson from Mary.

I am always more connected to myself after each session. My mind is calmer from the relaxing atmosphere created by Mary's outgoing personality. Importantly, Mary has taught me an awareness about myself that allows me to listen to my body. I am more mindful of when the symptoms of tight shoulders, aching neck, and bothersome knee pain begin and can take steps to alleviate their causes. Therefore, when I do come in for a session, I really am giving myself a relaxing reprieve. And, of course, I just can't help walking out with a big smile having had the weight of the day lifted from me.

Don M., Evanston, IL

I feel great after the energy work I receive during my sessions with Mary. I leave with a deep sense of relaxation and clarity -- my energy flows more freely throughout my body.

Katy M., Chicago, IL

Awesome! One of the best massages I've ever had. It's great how the energy work is incorporated so beautifully in the massage. I felt very relaxed that evening, but incredibly energized and ready to go the next day.

Ivonne B., Park Ridge, IL

I am a massage therapist myself, and although I receive frequent bodywork, Mary is the first person I turn to when I am in pain. Her experience with neuromuscular and myofascial massage enables her to target and get at the real source of my pain problems. She is the one therapist who is able to effectively relieve the pain and tightness in my arms and shoulders.

Marge W., Chicago, IL

Having previously seen eight other massage therapists, Mary was the first to significantly reduce my chronic pain symptoms from fibromyalgia and arthritis. In addition to the many techniques she utilizes, she also taught me how to listen to my body and how to use self-care techniques between sessions.

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I have had back pain for most of my adult life that led to surgery to repair a herniated disc. The surgery was somewhat successful but I still had episodes of lower back stiffness. With the help of Mary who I see on a monthly basis, my back has never felt better. The days of struggling to get out of bed some mornings are long gone!

– Steve W., Chicago, IL
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Mary is the best. I am a competitive runner who suffered a knee injury that put my season in jeopardy. I sought Mary's expertise because the problem was becoming worse despite work with my coach and a physical therapist. After one appointment with Mary I already felt improvement. Seeing Mary saved my season.

– Emma C., Chicago, IL