Intuitive Reiki Session (Distance & Hands-On)

What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced ("ray-key"), is a holistic energetic healing practice involving hands-on touch. In Japanese, "Rei" can be interpreted as spiritual consciousness, and "Ki", also known as chi or prana, is the life force energy which circulates through all living beings. Although there is some question as to Reiki's roots, it was rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid-1800s.

Reiki aims to balance the body's energy centers (chakras) and the overall flow of energy throughout the body, reinforcing its innate self-healing ability. Reiki beautifully works to promote health and well-being on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

An Intuitive Reiki session

Hands-On Reiki is performed in-office and generally lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Sessions are typically conducted while lying on a massage table in comfortable clothing.
  • Each session starts by briefly discussing and setting an intention, which may be as specific or general as desired. This serves to better focus on the area(s) in which healing is most needed.
  • Energy work may be done above or directly on the body. Hands are gently placed on or near areas in special need of this energy flow.
  • If requested, following the treatment, Mary will share intuitive insights received during the course of the session and will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions or to share your experiences.
Distance Reiki is a new offering and is done in the comfort of your home over video call. The format is similar to a Hands-On session, although it runs a bit shorter (45 minutes total, with about 25-30 minutes of Reiki energy healing). 
  • Each session starts with a video call, again by briefly discussing and setting an intention. We will then disconnect the video part of the call, affording more privacy and relaxation. 
  • For the next 25-30 minutes you can relax wherever is most comfortable (on the floor, in a chair, or on your sofa) in a room free from distractions. Since the audio is still connected, any concerns or questions that may arise during the session can be addressed in the present time.
  • When the Reiki healing session is finished, we rejoin each other over video, with an opportunity to ask questions, share your experience and ask for any intuitive insights received. 
  • Despite being remote, it is not unusual to experience distance energy healing in a more powerful way than when directly in the office.

    Regardless of the type of session, Reiki frequently elicits feelings of deep relaxation and peace; sensory sensations of warmth or cold or tingling; sometimes emotional and/or subtle energy releases throughout the body. Even in the absence of specific sensations, be assured that the Reiki energy is always working.


The balancing energy of Reiki can be beneficial for:
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Pain management
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • Side effects from cancer treatments, such as nausea and fatigue
  • Recovery from surgery or a sports injury
  • Overall well-being (clears toxins, releases stored emotions, clears energetic blockages)
Reiki is compatible with other forms of healing, including massage therapy. At ITM, Reiki Relaxation Massage sessions fully integrate massage with this form of healing energy..

*Reiki is compatible with most medical treatments, but is not intended to replace a physician's care. Check with your health care provider if you are undergoing treatment for a serious medical condition.

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I have had back pain for most of my adult life that led to surgery to repair a herniated disc. The surgery was somewhat successful but I still had episodes of lower back stiffness. With the help of Mary who I see on a monthly basis, my back has never felt better. The days of struggling to get out of bed some mornings are long gone!

Steve W., Chicago, IL
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Mary is the best. I am a competitive runner who suffered a knee injury that put my season in jeopardy. I sought Mary's expertise because the problem was becoming worse despite work with my coach and a physical therapist. After one appointment with Mary I already felt improvement. Seeing Mary saved my season.

Emma C., Chicago, IL