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Energy Wellness Tip: Amazing Detox Soak

Soaking in salt baths is an ancient remedy, tracing back to 2700 BC in China. Over thousands of years, various forms of natural salts have been used to soften and smooth skin, reduce stress, remove toxins, treat sore muscles, and even alleviate arthritis pain.

When I was studying Reiki many years ago, my teacher passed on the following detox salt bath recipe. Then, as now, I use it whenever I feel overly fatigued, depleted, or like I've picked up "negative" energies –although I dislike the word "negative" and feel it is more accurate to say "other" energies. Don't let the phraseology turn you off. What I'm talking about are those times I've come away feeling drained and exhausted after spending time in a stressful, perhaps toxic environment or with a challenging (e.g., ill, angry, needy) person. Many of you may recognize this as the feeling of having taken on "energies" or "stuff" that isn't yours. (For those of you old enough, think "Ghostbusters" movie and being "slimed!.")

There are many soak bath recipes, of which this is just one. (Variations use fresh herbs, aromatherapy oils, and different types of salts.) Epsom salt (aka magnesium sulfate) soothes the nervous system, eases muscle strain and back pain, and draws toxins from the body. Baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) has cleansing and anti-fungal properties and leaves skin soft. Sea salt, with its health-enhancing minerals and therapeutic properties, can help to cleanse and purify the body, especially the skin.

1 C epsom salt
1 C sea salt
1 C kosher salt
1 C baking soda

Soak for 15-20 minutes – I like to rinse off with clean shower water before getting out – and be amazed at how rejuvenated and alive and refreshed you feel. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins.

This article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or otherwise take the place of the advice of your licensed healthcare practitioner. If you have a weak heart or other heart problems, consult a doctor before taking salt baths.



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