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RICE for your Injuries

It's easy to pull a muscle or sprain a joint, whether from a sports injury, an accident such as a fall, or from simply overdoing everyday activities like gardening or shoveling snow. Use the RICE formula immediately after hurting yourself. You'll dramatically reduce the time it takes for your injury to heal and get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

RICE is an acronym for rest, ice, compression and elevation.


The simplest and most effective thing you can do is rest. Many try to "work through" the injury in the hopes that it will go away or work itself out. Injuries don't spontaneously disappear. In fact, excessive movement will damage the tissue further, increasing the amount of inflammation and pain.

Unless the injury is severe, absolute rest should not exceed 48 hours. Otherwise, your muscles will become stiff and weak, and scar tissue around the injury will tighten up. So as soon as the initial pain and swelling subside, you should begin to gently exercise the injured area.


Apply ice immediately. The importance of icing your injury cannot be emphasized enough. Ice is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It slows down blood flow to the area and reduces internal bleeding and swelling. Depending on the type of injury, your healing time may be cut in half.

Simply place ice cubes in a plastic bag. You can also use commercial gel packs that you keep in your freezer or a bag of frozen vegetables (peas seem to work well). You may find that these mold better to your body. Wrap whatever you're using in a towel or cloth and apply it to the injured area. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and then allow your skin to warm up. As a general rule, don't leave the ice on for more than 20 minutes because you may cause frostbite. Ice the injury as frequently as possible, preferably every 3-4 hours, or as advised by your physician.

Compression and elevation

Compression and elevation help reduce swelling. You can apply compression to the area with an elastic type bandage. Be careful not to tie the bandage so tightly that you cut off your circulation. If one of your arms or legs is injured, you can elevate the extremity above the heart level.

See your Massage Therapist

Follow the RICE formula for the first 48 hours following an injury and then see your massage therapist. It's not wise to massage the injured area within the first two days because this may aggravate the injury. After that time, however, massage becomes an important part of the rehabilitation process.

Massage therapy can help drain the fluid out of the swollen tissues. It can also get rid of muscle spasms that develop as a result of the pain.

As your injury continues to heal, massage will help restore or increase your range of motion, as well as aid in the removal of scar tissue, which, if left untreated, can set the stage for re-injury and chronic soft tissue pain problems. Massage enables you to get back to your sports and other daily activities as quickly as possible.

To help prevent excessive pain and swelling try not to use the injured part. Put an ice pack on the area, use a tensor bandage to provide some compression and elevate the limb.



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I have had back pain for most of my adult life that led to surgery to repair a herniated disc. The surgery was somewhat successful but I still had episodes of lower back stiffness. With the help of Mary who I see on a monthly basis, my back has never felt better. The days of struggling to get out of bed some mornings are long gone!

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Mary is the best. I am a competitive runner who suffered a knee injury that put my season in jeopardy. I sought Mary's expertise because the problem was becoming worse despite work with my coach and a physical therapist. After one appointment with Mary I already felt improvement. Seeing Mary saved my season.

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